Webcash is an experimental new electronic cash ("e-cash") that enables decentralized and instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Users send webcash to one another directly on a decentralized peer-to-peer basis by copying-and-pasting their webcash to their recipient. The central server helps webcash wallets detect double-spending and ensure the integrity of the monetary supply according to the supply schedule.

Get webcash by either using the webcash mining protocol (see also the more performant webminer) or have someone send you existing webcash for payment or in trade for goods and services.

Webcash is mined using Proof-of-Work. The supply schedule calls for a total supply of 210,000,000,000 webcash. Note that 5% of mined webcash goes to the webcash server.

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How to use webcash

To get started, you can either:
  1. Use your browser to run a browser-based wallet (older wallet available here)
  2. Download a python-based webcash wallet, or
  3. Use /web if you want to manage a webcash paper wallet yourself without using additional software.
Receiving webcash: Open your webcash wallet, and use the "insert" function to insert webcash into your wallet.

Sending webcash: Copy and paste webcash from your wallet software to someone else over secure email, chat, or any other method. If they don't already have a webcash wallet, they might need some help from you.

Mining webcash: Use the mining software.

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